ShareMem is a cross platform instant photo and video sharing application focused on privacy and easy of use.
With iShareMem users can share and un-share memories of their choice while they happen in real-time, anyone included can view, share or download photos and video as they happen!
Collaborate together to create an unforgettable memory from everyone’s perspective!

iShareMem can be used for any occasion, simply CREATE an event, INVITE friends/family and start SHARING memories (photo/video).

* Upload photos and video in real time, while your event takes place
* Share OR un-share any of your photos.
* Share your event with friends and family as they happen.
* Easily control who is apart of your event.
* Download photos with in their original resolution, iShareMem doesn’t compress your memories!
* Manage roles of your event, including participants and viewers!
* Sort photos by who took them or in order of when they were taken.


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