Thinx explains its $369 ‘period sex blanket’


It’s that time of the month — period underwear company Thinx has launched a new product.

The company, known for its anti-leak panties, debuted its first blanket on Thursday.

Its purpose: to enable lovemaking during while Aunt Flo’s in town.

“Instead of putting an old towel down, why not elevate your experience?” Dani Berkowitz, Thinx’s period specialist and “edutainer” (education entertainer), tells The Post at a launch event for the product on Thursday night. She’s fashioned homemade tampon earrings, dunked in glittery red paint, for the occasion.

And elevated it is: The sex blanket, Thinx Chief Brand Officer Siobhan Lonergan tells The Post, “is designed to have beautiful quilted curves. The decorative aspect of this quilt increases level of desire.”

Laying it out, she says, “is almost like an open invitation to your partner to engage with period sex.”

The 38-by-54-inch sham is about the size of a large bath mat. It features lilac satin on one side and Thinx’s “patented four-layer technology” on the other. Those layers can absorb everything from blood to lube to soy sauce, according to the guide enclosed with the blanket.

The throw costs $369, and is available for purchase on Thinx’s website and at the company’s Mercer Street pop-up, running through June 23.

Lonergan doesn’t necessarily expect everyone and their mother to buy one.

“We’re not advocating that [the blanket] is one-size-fits-all,” she says. “But we want to make sure that if you’re into it” — period sex, that is — “we’re going to help you start that conversation.”


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