My Handwriting Notes


Handwrite with your finger and share!
Similar to regular notepad but with handwriting. Keep track of your notes anywhere, no need to carry a pen and a notepad.

With this app you can:
– Change pen color
– Change pen width
– Change paper color
– Erase
– Write on writing pad then the app aligns the word where the cursor is
– Write directly on the page
– Easliy navigate between pages
– Export notebooks as PDF and send to your email
– Share pages or save to your device
– and many more

All the content is stored on your device nothing is saved on any server! We are happy to here your suggestions and we will improve the app as we move forward.

============= Reviews ================
The best one!!! *****
by Jm0001r – Version 1.1.0 – Mar 17, 2014

Among all handwriting apps (I tried all most populars in app store) this one is most convenient to use on ipod/iphone! Thanks!


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