With Windy, you can play your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch like you would a real wind or brass instrument!

To play, simply hold down the keys on the screen and blow into the microphone of your device at the same time. Move with your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch up and down, and from side to side to play across different octaves and notes!
– Choose from a trumpet, flute, and saxophone
– Tilt your device to the left to play flat notes
– Tilt your device to the right to play sharp notes
– Tilt your device up and down to play across three successive octaves.

The note view and song features make learning to play Windy even easier and more fun.

– Note view allows you to see the notes you are playing
– Song teaches you to play simple songs
– Four songs are included FREE!
– Purchase 5 and 20 song packages. Both are on sale at low prices for a limited time only!


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