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First “Smart” Launcher is here! Launch apps, play music, listen to podcasts, contact someone, read your favorite news feeds, trigger home automation, run your React Native μApps, and so much more with a quick swipe and press. Gidjit has NO Login, Ads, or Personal Data Collection.

What makes Gidjit “Smart”?

The Gidjit launcher app changes as your environment changes (by location, time of day, activity, network, iBeacon region, and more). Launch actions based on when or where you are likely to use them. It also features a powerful Widget (Action – Smart Launch) to launch from the Notification Center.

Update: Now with autogenerated Smart Panels using AI, displayed in the new “Likely” section.

How Gidjit works:

1. First begin by adding Panels. Panels are like dynamic folders with a selected measure that dictates when they appear, including:

* Your proximity to a location (home, office, gym, etc.)
* Your proximity to a Gidjit Beacon (available at
* When a specific Bluetooth device is detected
* A specified time of day
* Connecting to a specified Wi-Fi network, or
* Based on motion/activity (running/driving)

2. Once you add a Panel you can begin to associate actions with it.

Actions include:

• Control a Smart Home device (HomeKit, Nest, SmartThings)
* Launch your React Native μApps (info below)
• Trigger a Smart Home scene/routine
• View the latest news, blogs, or sports feed
• Play a podcast or music
• Display a ‘Contacts’ shortcut (call, text, facetime, email, etc.),
• Launch built-in iOS apps (News, iTunes, Photos, etc.)
• Launch apps from the app store (games, music, social media, etc.)

Update: Gidjit now has React Native μApps – A React Native Playground
– if you do not find the features you were hoping for you can add your own custom React Native action and use Gidjit to contain, launch, and execute.
– please take a look at a simple demo and tutorial at
– the process is quick and easy and there will be more updates in the future
– if you have a current React Native project you can use it by just placing your bundle files as specified in the tutorial.

Gidjit works great with beacons (available at Trigger HomeKit and SmartThings scenes/routines as you enter or exit a beacon region. You can even add ‘Reminders’.

Example 1 (Location): You create a “Panel” that will trigger when you arrive at the office. You can then quickly access all of the apps and actions you associate with your office: launch task management apps, control specific smart devices, launch home security app, launch pre-configured emails or work contacts, launch podcasts or music playlists, and more. When you leave the office the panel will hide and reappears when you return to the office.

Key Features:
• 3D Touch: Apps and actions can be launched using 3D Touch, which includes an expanded details window that displays the actions of your current beacon region.
• ‘Action – Smart Launch & QuickView’ Widget: Launch actions from the widgets located in the Search Screen (Swipe Right – iOS10).
• Reminders/Alerts: Receive notifications as you enter or leave a Gidjit Beacons’ region. For example, place a Gidjit Beacon in your kitchen. Add a reminder to the kitchen Beacon from your bedroom at night and receive the reminder when you enter the kitchen in the morning (eg. “take meat out of freezer”).

Extra Info:
Gidjit does not require a login (except for third-party access like Nest, but that is through them). As per our privacy policy, we do not collect your personal data. The only data we collect is the name and identifier of apps we cannot open. When you first open the app you will be asked to give permission for location and other services. In order for Gidjit to scan your surroundings and be a useful app these services must be enabled.


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